As part of Cluj’s immense group of coffee lovers, we are proud of our city’s café culture. With creative people expressing themselves and building their dream cafés, the culture of the coffee shop is flourishing in Cluj. A recent article by The Independent describes some of our amazing coffee shops, explaining why Cluj has “Eastern Europe’s coolest café culture”.

We agree, of course, and wanted to make a list of 7 cafés with unique themes, so you can embark on a journey that takes you deep into the heart and feel of Cluj and its people.

The list is not in any particular order, and more coffee shops can still be added to it.

A coffee shop that doubles as a pottery workshop, this café is great if you want to organize a fun getaway with your family or friends. Their colors are non-toxic and safe for food storage. At the end of a fun trip to the café, you get to keep or gift a unique item of your design.

Books, coffee, and delicious snacks, Bookla has all the ingredients for a fun time in the coffee shop. Remember how coffee shops have something of their own that stirs conversations and debates? This is what the people at Bookla want to see. A place to go and be surrounded by books and coffee already seems like a pretty great spot, add the people and the food and now it’s all you’ll need for a perfect afternoon.

bookla coffee shop
Image courtesy of Bookla


A unique combination between a coffee shop and a tattoo studio, this place wants to offer a special experience. Completed with a chill and cozy garden, this is a place built by artists. The interior design will make you feel like you stepped inside a movie, and the overall experience could last for a lifetime, if you let them work their art on your skin.

Enigma is a café with a kinetic steampunk theme, located in the heart of the old city. With amazing design and a secret garden full of greenery, Enigma is the perfect place to be no matter the season. Their delicious beverages will make you want to come back again and again.

enigma cafe coffee shop cluj
Image courtesy of Enigma Café


A café with the air of the long-passed days, Doamna T is perfect for the nostalgic hearts who want to see – even for a moment – the days of the golden age. Named after a character created by one of Romania’s best novelists, the tiny coffee shop located in the heart of Cluj is filled with mystery and charm. Enjoy amazing coffee and delicious snacks and experience the glory of the interwar days.

Doamna t coffee shop cluj
Image courtesy of Doamna T

For over 10 years Q Caffe has welcomed the bohemian hearts inside their cozy coffee shop. Their captivating designs speak for the keen interest they take in people and their stories. A place for dreamers and visionaries, this café invites everyone to come and enjoy a cup of coffee while sharing their ideas and telling their stories. Q Caffe is a portal to a unique world that sets you up for an intriguing journey. This café designed a metaphor for the condition of the human being in today’s society.

q caffe coffee shop cluj
Image courtesy of Q Caffe


Time is not irreversible, so say the people over at Joben. If you want to step into the world of Victorian England, to live inside the novels of Wells or Verne, visit the steampunk-themed café built with the passion of a collector. Find all sorts of gems and antique items seamlessly incorporated in the café, while enjoying their amazing drinks and food.