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Coffee is the fuel for all adventures. Live your life to the fullest.

About Us

We are a group of coffee lovers, passionate about both the art of drinking it and the industry that has been built around it. In the search for skillfully prepared, high quality coffee, we realized that the story behind it is unknown to many. We embark on a journey to spread knowledge and love for the
soul-warming beverage, as well as promote the places where coffee is treated like the art it is.


Our quest is to educate people in the art of coffee, from the gathering of different types of beans, to the various techniques of preparing coffee worldwide. We also want to encourage people to find and drink specialty coffee, in order to enjoy it fully.


We want to bring high quality specialty coffee one click away from everyone, with an online coffee shop where you will have access to detailed descriptions of the beverages in order to get the perfect drink for your taste.



Patrik Rojan


A coffee lover who wants to start a new adventure every time. He is a marketing addict and wants everything to be optimized.


Mihaela Buzec


Rain lover, tree hugger, rock climber in awe of the world and its marvels.


Oana Popa


One of 97's tiniest, creative, sometimes lazy and mean-for-no-reason, ambitious kid.


Cozmin Mateiciuc


Trying to figure out how to make his hobbies work with his lazy nature.

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